Diani Beach

The most tourist-oriented beach of the so-called South Coast, geographical separated from the Tiwi Beach to the north by the Kongo River. 10 km south of Diani Beach is Galu Beach, 20 km south Gazi Beach, 30 km south the Msambweni Beach and 50 km the south of the Mwazaro Beach. With a flawless, long stretch of white-sand beach hugged by lush forest and kissed by surfable waves, it’s no wonder Diani Beach is so popular. This resort town scores points with a diverse crowd: party people, families, honeymooners, backpackers and water-sports enthusiasts.

Voted Africa’s leading beach destination for the fifth time running since 2015./strong>

The name ‘Diani Beach’ is used as the collective identification for a bunch of interconnected beaches south of Mombasa. The main two beaches are Diani and Galu Beach, basically an 8km stretch of white sand that is separated in the middle by a small cliff. On the Diani side are most of the big(-ish) hotels whereas Galu Beach is home to some smaller hotels and residential plots.

The town is basically an 8km long road that runs slightly in-land, parallel to the beach. The word ‘town’ might not be the best way to describe it though because of its setup. Along the beach road you’ll find a great choice of supermarkets, coffee shops, bars, restaurants and banks for all your first world needs and of course plenty of curio shops for your souvenir needs!

The unique, blinding-white and ultra-fine sand of our beautiful beach can at low tide be as wide as 150 meters. It is protected by a shallow lagoon followed by the coral reef that sits at about 1km from the low water mark. Not only do these offer protections against the ocean, they also provide ideal conditions for swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, and watersports like kite and wind-surfing.