During your fun-filled beach holiday of Kenya, take some time to snorkel in the area’s many protected marine areas.  You can spend an hour or more simply relaxing on the water’s surface and watching the surreal world below. Occasionally, and based on your comfort level, take a deep breath and swim to the bottom where you have an up-close view of the active marine life. Each of the four coral islands at Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park, one of the best snorkeling sites in Kenya, are encircled by coral gardens, and Kisite Island is the most engaging snorkeling site of all of the islands.

Wearing only your swimsuit, snorkel and mask, you watch varied fishes like zebra, angel, snapper, butterfly, scorpion, rubber, puffer, damsel and too many other species to name! The fish dart about so quickly that you may have difficulty discerning between the various species, and occasionally a slow moving form may catch your eye. Perhaps it is a grouper, ray or another large underlife creature. Schools of spinner, humpback and bottle-nose dolphin are known to interact with snorkelers and divers, and the marine park in Kenya are recognized for having a variety of sea turtle, including loggerhead, ridley, green, leatherback and hawksbill. From the later part of June through December, humpback whales migrate through the area, and seeing one of these magnificent mammals in the wild is an awe-inspiring experience. With more than 360 species of fishes and 45 varieties of coral, you are sure to be enchanted by all that you see.